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The history of Domaine de la Garenne is relatively recent. It was founded in 1987, following the work of a visionary mayor, who convinced some investors and winemakers to cultivate a previously...Read More

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Domaine de la Garenne : Mâcon-Azé 2016
HK$185 / Unit
Domaine de la Garenne : Mâcon-Azé 2018
HK$173.42 / Unit
Domaine de la Garenne : Mâcon-Azé 2019
HK$150.33 / Unit
Domaine de la Garenne : Pouilly-Fuissé Village 2018
HK$308.33 / Unit
HK$1,524 Ex shipping
HK$127 / Unit
HK$269.83 / Unit
HK$2,688 Ex shipping
HK$224 / Unit
HK$177.33 / Unit
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Domaine de La Garenne


Domaine de la Garenne

The Domaine de la Garenne came to life thirty years ago when the village mayor in the Maconnais region in the south of Burgundy decided to offer the uncultivated land on top of the Azé prehistorical grotto for sale. The name Domaine de la Garenne then quickly appeared in the local land registry as investers swooped in to get the land.

The domaine is located in the appellations of Mâcon-Azé, Mâcon Buissières and Pouilly-Fuissé over 5 hectares of vineyards. These vineyards have full southern exposure that is ideal for ripening their Chardonnay grapes. Both the purity of the fruit and the terroir are perfectly expressed in these wines, which offer a good quality price ratio.

From 2008, Bertrand and Christiane Devillard, heirs of Marquis de Jouenne in Mercurey, invited Eliane and René Beaumont and their children to get involved with the Domaine de la Garenne. Thereafter, the marriage between Amaury Devillard and Pauline Beaumont further cemented the deal, and it was a match made in heaven. Amaury was trying to develop a global sales market  for Burgundy wines while the Beaumont family was searching for Maconnais vineyards. At that time, the Domaine de la Garenne had just happened to be up for sale. They took advantage of this opportunity and purchased the vineyard and thereafer winemaker Robert Vernizeau joined the Devillard team to help thel fulfill their destiny.

Since then, the reputation of Domaine de la Garenne has continued to improve and become more well-known. Because of this, it has received several accolades for its wines, with the most recent honour from the UK Decanter Magazine, which made them a part of their top 10 Chardonnays from Burgundy for the 2010 vintage. Devillard also succeeded in expanding his sales to include North America, China, Japan, northern European countries, the UK, and even Brazil ! The La Garenne wines that are enjoyed in France and all over the world include the Mâcon Bussières, the Mâcon Azé, and the Pouilly Fuissé.